Lookbook: Southwest Flair

These lovely beaded collars come in an array of beaded patterns. Most of these designs are made of leather as well. They have a Southwestern style that make them unique and eye catching. Who needs a simple brown collar when the Southwest is calling?

Simply click on images for ordering information (be sure to measure your dog’s neck and compare it to collar size before ordering):

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Lookbook: Magnificent Beaded Collars from Kenya

These beaded collars from Kenya are absolutely breathtaking.

Available in a multitude of sizes, these collars are pieces of art designed just for you and your pet. Colorful glass beads are hand sewn in leather base. A second piece of sturdy leather is glued and stitched on the back for comfort and durability. Not just a pretty collar, these are made to be enjoyed. Buckles are solid, hand-cast brass. All metal fixtures are poured and finished by hand using recycled brass.

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