Lookbook: Magnificent Beaded Collars from Kenya

These beaded collars from Kenya are absolutely breathtaking.

Available in a mulitude of sizes, these collars are pieces of art designed just for you and your pet. Colorful glass beads are hand sewn in leather base. A second piece of sturdy leather is glued and stitched on the back for comfort and durability. Not just a pretty collar, these are made to be enjoyed. Buckles are solid, hand-cast brass. All metal fixtures are poured and finished by hand using recycled brass.

Although they’re not water proof, they happily handle a romp in a pond, lake or the ocean. Simply rinse off the collar for the next fun day.

The 2" Lurcher style dog collars are ideal for Greyhound's, Lurchers, Whippets, other Sighthounds. The wide collar disperses pressure evenly across the neck reducing the chance of injury. See matching style leash below. Since designs are unique, each design will vary.

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