Deep Red & White Patterned Dog Tag ES1001

Deep Red & White Patterned Dog Tag ES1001


This tag is a lovely deep crimson color with white accents.

It has a white bone shape in the center that will feature your dog's name and phone number. It is carefully handmade with a sturdy backing.

The size is 1.25 inches (about 35 millimeters) in diameter. The ID is clear, easy to read, and gives a pop of color to your dog's collar. It has a strong stainless steel backing that resists rust and tarnish.

Protected by a hard layer of glass-like resin, the image with your dog's info won't fade.

Each piece is handmade to order. The print size will vary from piece to piece depending on your pets name length.

***Order take a full week to complete***

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Ordering Instructions:

There is room for one name and up to two numbers on our Standard Tags. After clicking "add to card" you will see a pop up asking for your pet's info.


Q: What if I just want a name with no number?

A: That's fine. Just write a name. We will make it large and centered.

Q: What if I want a name and address?

A: We can accommodate three lines. We can fit a name and small address such as 123 Stanhope Dr., New Orleans, LA. We don't add zip codes.

Q: Can you put microchip numbers on your tags?

A: Yes, we certainly can put microchip numbers on all tag sizes. Please note: We cannot fit email addresses onto our tags.